The last piece…

I’m just finishing a capsule line of jewelry that I will present during Beirut Design Week on June 28, 2018. The curative line this year was “How to make Beirut a better city?” So I’ve created “Precious Pods” a collection of tiny canisters made out of 18K gold and diamonds as well as some silver and bronze pieces. In these necklace and ring canisters, you store little seeds that you can sow here and there in the city, for flowers, hope and dreams to bloom in Beirut.

I was done with making the models when at the last minute, a piece invited itself in my head, taking so much place and becoming so important that the line couldn’t possibly be presented without it. When you see the whole line, you won’t be able to guess which piece was so mandatory that I had to produce it to make the line complete.

Each line has its last piece. I don’t know if it’s the most mature piece, the one that comes after a while of thinking about a specific topic. I can’t explain its importance, but there is one for each collection.

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