Precious stories


I love gold for its warmth and diamonds when they are hidden rather than standing loud at the center of a piece of jewelry. I love when your eye catches the shine of a diamond that you didn’t know was there. To me, pieces of jewelry are precious with the stories that are embedded in them, and that a mother will be passed along to a daughter.

I created the Matter Ring when my son came back from school with its first science paper with the title “Air is matter”. Suddenly, air was on the same level as gold, a matter, all value removed (we all know that air is more precious that gold). So I created a ring keeping only the edges of the piece, full of void. The description was:  ring made out of air and 18kt gold.

The Baraka ring was kind of a replica of a ring I found as a child playing with dirt. It was too big for me so I lost it the same day I found it. It was one of my first design, I wore it for meetings, when I thought that a bit of extra luck could help.

You often see birds in my collections. I believe they are great messengers, transiting between two worlds, from earth to the sky.

It’s the story that matters, and how you feel when you carry it around with you through the day.

On the picture, from left to right: Klimt band, Baraka ring, Dome ring, Princess Ring, Bird band, Matter Ring

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