The process of creation at Fäviken

I was watching an episode of “The Chef’s Table” on Netfilx about a chef named Magnus Nilsson who established one of the top restaurants in the world; “Fäviken”. Located in Sweden, in the frozen country of Järpen where he grew up. You have to drive for quite a while before you reach the twelve seats restaurant literally in the middle of nowhere.

The originality of his cuisine might come from his isolation, where he finds his inspiration within himself and his immediate surroundings. His isolation is like a shelter keeping his creation unaltered by what other chefs do, so he’s away from culinary trends.

He looks into the roots and origins of his region to rediscover ancient cooking techniques. He looks into tradition not to make it resurface but as a first step to elaborate something new. He says that if left as is, a tradition will die with time. His cuisine is the purest expression of where he comes from, his personal interpretation of techniques that were forgotten, combined with the consequences of his isolation.

I think it’s a good aim for anyone who creates.

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