Tips to buy a diamond

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By now, everyone knows what the four C’s of diamonds mean; clarity, color, cut, carat. Because the jewelry industry is very good at doing its marketing, we all want flawless stones with a D color, the perfect cut and many people won’t settle for an engagement ring that is less than one carat.

I want to give you a glimpse of the conditions a diamond grader works. Under standard lighting for diamond grading labs, on the white piece of paper, you will judge of the color of a diamond. Out of twenty students in a classroom working in the same light condition and without a professional eye yet developed, we were all two, sometimes three grades colors off. We are talking about unmounted stones, imagine when a setting comes in, jinxing things up.

If you give a woman a diamond than isn’t colorless, chances are that without the diamond report, she will never know.

The dream of the flawless stone is only relevant through a x10 loupe and no one but you – and your diamond report- will know if there are small inclusions, so definitely settle for VS stones, you’ll save money you can invest in much better projects.

If you hope for a 1 carat stone, its price will suddenly be much higher than if you choose a stone that is right under 1 carat, and no one will notice the difference.

The only of the 4 C’s I value it’s the cut. If you want brilliance, scintillation and fire you want a perfectly well cut stone, no less.

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